AirStep Evolution Vinyl

Find AirStep Evolution Vinyl in Yates Flooring Center

  • Stain Defense System
    • Soil and stain repellent
  • Silver Antibacterial Protection
    • Guards against mold, mildew and alkali
  • UltraTec Premium Construction
  • Aluminum Oxide
      Provides outstanding durability
  • FloorScore Certified
      Contributes to good indoor air quality

Color Line

72000 Terrace Corn Silk Available as 12'
72001 Terrace Desert Sunset Available as 12'
72002 Terrace Autumn Glow Available as 12'
72003 Terrace Midnight Available as 12'
72004 Terrace Iced Mocha Available as 12'
72010 Colonial Plank Dark Khaki Available as 12'
72011 Colonial Plank Burnished Umber Available as 12'
72012 Colonial Plank Golden Tan Available as 12'
72015 Tuscan Paver Ivory Available as 12'
72023 Rapalano Tile Latte Available as 12'
72025 Rapalano Tile Indigo Available as 12'
Color Group Blue, Green, Purple
Color Group Dark Neutral
Color Group Light Neutral
Color Group Mid-Neutral
Color Group Red, Yellow, Orange
Color Group White, Off White
Design Style Country
Design Style Traditional
Gloss 61 Low
Installation Method 256 Install loose lay, perimeter fasten or fully adhered
Look Stone
Look Woodgrain
Type Sheet
Usage Residential
Wear Surface Urethane
Width(ft) 12